Universal Neothink® Secrets (We are the Creators)

From the very moment our ancestors first gazed into the heavens, mankind has been searching for the answers that explain the origin of life.  Whenever our amazing intellect is confused, our natural tendency to be lazy misdirects us to believe that these answers are unknowable at best; for powers greater than ours, must be at work here.

This very act of accepting an unknown as an answer is a mystical default by nature, for it results in a suspended search.  When we stop searching we cease to locate answers.  We allow our minds to be influenced by external authorities, when reality dictates that we KNOW what is best for ourselves.  We need only to listen to the energy that comes from within, as we progress upon our own unique vector of creativity.

Understanding the cosmos on a grand scale involves breaking down its many components into smaller parts; puzzle pieces if you will.  Our species KNOWS how to create life already.  We are driven by forces of nature to locate, protect and comfort the opposite sex in a ritual as old as life itself.  This mating of an egg and sperm to create life has ensured the survival of our species for many millennia.  Why should the cosmos be any different?

Great forces are at work within our universe, many we have yet to understand.  Gazing into the heavens we are able to witness many of these forces in action, why wouldn’t the very components of our universe behave in a similar fashion; seeding the cosmos with life?  All knowledge within the function of time is knowable, as long as we continue to search and ask questions. 

We must understand that the ultimate moral responsibility any of us has to ourselves, is to be happy.  When we are living our passion we are in complete harmony with our surroundings, only then are we able to create happiness for ourselves; that we may choose to share with others.  It’s so easy to recognize that the happiest times of our lives flow from a direct connection to our creative nature.  Science is just beginning to explain the role of consciousness within our universe.  What an exciting time to be alive; self-empowering ourselves through self-responsibility.


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  1. laurice tatum says:

    I concur with a lot of what write about. One thing I am having trouble wraping my head around is how do you propose to address the root of the problem which I see as human nature. The seven deadly sin will alway be a thorn in the side of humanity. The cycle of repeted behavior????

  2. john nuamah says:

    hi mark my is john lwas just nominated to society and l purchase ur extrodinary book l finished reading butlbelieve the external forcesare working aganst it so help me instead of expercing wealh am rather making ends meet so pls help me lknow lwas not nominated for reason so help me

  3. Zak knoerl says:

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