James Brown on September 27th, 2013

I have finish have just reading the Super puzzle man that a amazing story. I would love to have Miss Annabelle as my Teacher when I was going to school. Before I start reading the Super puzzle my wife and I relationship was not so come. But now that I finish reading it something strange is happening I am getting so much love that am question myself what is going on. she is falling in Love with me all over again. She miss me so much when am gone and cant wait for me to come home. She is madly in Love with me. I am so happy to be Loved like never before. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the super puzzle thank you. I am ready to learn more thank you.

Patricia Meek on May 25th, 2013

Dark Air change shift from what I saw it.. its dark air from right side toward to the left side is brighter and it makes me enjoy life and ask my friend did you see that and she said what .. and no I have not seen or hear anything… I back off not to say anythings, HA! It makes me wondering is this change to higher dimension ? Wow, Good experience for me, oh when it happened and I feel so joy with thrilling, its wonderful feeling… Oh, I love Euphoria !!! Wink!

Patrick & Terri on June 16th, 2012

Just an idea, is it possible to make the heirloom packages, or all of the books that NEO-THINK Publishing Sells with hardcovers as well? That way the covers and the material is protected better.
PAtrick & Terri

derrick on October 6th, 2011

Mark, i just finished reading Super Puzzel. I would have given anything to have been one of Miss Annebelle’s super achiever. I have yet to find my Friday nite essence, hopefully soon that it will come and if there is a movie coming out, please keep me mind. Thankfully, Derrick

bob lamarre on September 17th, 2011

Becoming an

Becoming a Entrepreneur or CEO.
Forming ideas on what your business will be.
Forming a picture in your mind of your business being completed.
Taking those ideas in putting them in sequential steps.
Finding the money making department that creates wealth for the company you work for.
Learn every aspect of why that department generates money.Ask coworkers in that department about there responsibilities.Ask them if you could help them in some manner.
Before you know it. You will be recieving promotions you never dreamed.You could ascertain for yourself.

bob lamarre on September 10th, 2011

OPEN-MIND-Don’t allow anyone to sway you from your dreams.Accept values that lead you to your dreams. Even if those values don’t coincide with your parents politicians, or religious leaders.
UNDERSTANDING-That you can turn a hobby or dream into a business.Apply the knowledge & experience fom the company you have been working for years, into your own business opportunity.
DESIRE-to continuosly pursue your dreams.
Never let DOUBT settle in.
Believe that every obstacle is only a setback.Think the problem through.
Find someone who can help you see the missing step.
LOVE-When your dream has been accomplished. That feeling will exude in joy,love in everything you see & do.
You will see& feel things in a whole new perspective.
HONESTY-is being truthful & fair to everyone who has helped you or will be working for you or will be doing business with you.
SELF-LEADER-When you have succeeded in creating VALUES for yourself, colleagues, business associates.

bob lamarre on September 9th, 2011

OPEN MIND-to realize their is more honest values to learn.Besides what we were taught by our parents,political leaders.religious leaders.
UNDERSTANDING-the process it will take to make yourself..
DESIRE-to find the ability in yourself

LOVE-when you find that ability & bring it out for everyone to see. It will overflow with love & happiness.
ACCEPTING CHANGE-when everyone expesses to you how you have changed.How you feel inside& the love & joy you feel for everyone.You accepted something NEW.
SELF-LEADER- to be yourself.
HONESTY-is BELIEVING in yourself.

Karen L. Venn on June 22nd, 2011

When I started this, I couldn’t have imagined what it would be like; then I took a long break from reading (personal reasons), then got back to it & am even more amazed.
I can’t believe how our civilization has become so stagnate & non changing, than becoming their our person, of whom they were meant to be; now that I’m reading again, I can now understand what it truly means as well as the anticivillization we live in, I look forward in learning more

bob lamarre on April 7th, 2011

I have been listening & reading material of his for the last 10 months. I knew a long time ago that this good old country of ours needed change. I finally found the person. Who will be able to do it. I must add.I have not been threatened, coerced, or brainwashed, Basically what I am saying is this. I am of sound mind.When this change that will occur.This individual will not be at fault.If their is someone to blame.We must look at ourselves.I also know, we won’t blame ourselves.That would mean WE would HAVE too CHANGE.

bob lamarre on October 21st, 2010

I think the information that was presented will be mind blowing for the anti-civilization.